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Cao de Agua Portugues – Portugues Waterdog


Helper with fishing and retrieving, as well as a companion dog

Classification FCI:

Group 8 – Retrieving dogs, retrievers, water dogs Section 3 Water dogs


The Portuguese Water Dog used to be found along the entire coast of Portugal. Due to the modernization of the fishing industry, it is mainly found in the province of Algarve, which is considered its area of origin.


Dog of medium proportions and of bracken type with slightly convex to straight profile lines. Harmonious proportions, balanced, strong and well muscled.


Almost square; the body length is approximately equal to the total height to the withers. The ratio between height at withers and depth of the chest is 2:1. The ratio between length of skull and muzzle is 4:3.


He is considered exceptionally intelligent, understands and joyfully obeys the commands of his owner. In addition, the Cao de agua de Portugues has a fierce temperament, is headstrong, proud, impetuous, frugal and tireless. His expression is stern, his gaze penetrating and attentive. The eyesight is very pronounced and the sense of smell remarkable.

An excellent swimmer and diver, the Portuguese Water Dog is an inseparable companion of fishermen, to whom it provides countless services. Not only when fishing, but also as a guardian and defender of their ships and their goods. While fishing, he keeps a close watch, willingly jumps into the sea and dives if necessary to catch and bring back escaped fish. He also acts in this way when, for example, a net breaks or a rope comes loose. Between the ship and the mainland and vice versa, he also ensures swimming the connection, even if the distance is large.


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