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Due to a recent events, Pria would like to share something with you!

My name is Miriam Reiser and I live with my husband Reinhard near the rose city Tulln in a small village in Lower Austria called Nitzing.

I haven’t been around the world much yet, but one thing has been clear ever since I can remember: I want to do something with animals. My family always had dogs and when I moved out, my first dog and companion could move in with me.

My parents and grandparents always had dogs and so it came that I dedicated myself to the training of dogs, because I am fascinated by the many possibilities teaching dogs, I am still learning.

Although many dog owners find obedience boring, it is my favourite discipline and I am happy when more and more dogs and their owners find joy in obedience – no matter if BGH, Obedience or the Rally-Obedience. Because it is fun when you achieve something as a team.

My dog pack consists of 4 dogs: my Malinois female “Pamina”, my Cao de Agua male “Chaska” and my Cao de Agua female dog “Pria” and “Badesi“.

Chaska is a FCI stud dog since 2016 and was already successfully used as stud dog in Austria.

How did I get into breeding?

Since I have developed an intense passion for Portuguese Water Dogs (also known as Porti or PWD), I decided in 2016 to look for a breeding female, or a puppy to match my male.

Because of the small gene pool of this breed, it was not so easy to find a bloodline that fits to Chaska and also to find a breeding that supports my project.

After many weeks in front of the PC, some visits to distant countries and several attempts to find a suitable female, I could take Pria da Casa da Buba home after about almost 2 years. Half a year later my second female Badesi Princess Estrela de Agua was born. She completed my pack as the last addition.

Thus began the sometimes somewhat rocky road to breeding “vom Donauwind”!

I received my own kennel card “vom Donauwind” on 05.06.2019 and in November 2019 Pria has now also fulfilled all conditions to be used as a breeding female. So nothing stands in the way of my first litter “Portuguese Water Dogs” and the planning begins for the first litter Cão de Água Português vom Donauwind in summer 2020!

03.08.2020: In a few days we will welcome the puppies of the A-litter vom Donauwind! All future owners are already very excited.

06.08.2020: Today at 19:00 o’clock it started and until 24:00 o’clock was a very fast and intensive time for Pria and us “little helpers”. Between 19:15 and 20:13 6 puppies were born. So fast that we had our hands full. In the end there were 9 healthy puppies with only one male and 8 females.

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