Female Dogs

The C-litter from Donauwind was born on 19.8.2022. All puppies are well and Pria proves to be a very caring mother again. (For the next litter with Badesi registrations are already possible – please contact us via WhatsApp, or e-mail.

Pria comes from Portugal and Badesi comes from Slovakia! Both females are sporty and live in the same household with two other dogs – Pamina and Chaska!

Only after complete fulfillment of all breeding requirements of the ÖKV or the FCI, the dogs are used in breeding! Both of the females and the males intended for breeding must meet health requirements and participate in exhibitions! Further (not prescribed) examinations are also carried out to minimize the risk of hereditary diseases.

A-Litter of Chaska and Pria dropped on 06.08.2020.

1 male / 8 females, all wavy, 1 black male, 1 black female, 7 brown females.

B-Wurf of Chaska and Badesi dropped on 29.04.2021.

4 males / 2 females, all wavy and black with white markings.

C-Wurf of Chaska and Pria dropped on 19.08.2021.

3 males / 4 females, all wavy, 5 brown and 2 black.

The preparations for the D-litter with Badesi 2024 are already underway.

Registration for the joint walk is requested, after sending the interest form under: pwd-zucht@sport-hunde.at