A Letter to future puppy owners

A Letter to future puppy owners

You visited us (although this is not always easy) before you took your dog home. You have asked many questions, stroked my dogs, grabbed their hair, patted their heads and looked into their eyes, although this is not particularly pleasant for dogs when they do not yet know people well. A variety of questions, often the same, are patiently answered by me. I also asked many questions and tried to get to know you and your family as well as possible. I explained how the dog should be cared for, fed and kept. Likewise, I also told you that the contact with our puppies will always be important to us and we feel responsible for them for their whole lifes.

Why? Because we love our puppies! Because we love our dogs!

Until the mating, the mother dog was on the road a lot, tanked up on strength and defenses, was examined by a veterinarian more often than usual.

During the cover we calmly spoke encouragement to the dog and supported her even after more than 30 minutes of “hanging”.

After the pregnancy was confirmed , the mother dog had our fullest attention and was kept seperated. At the birth itself, the puppies took their first breath in our hands, we trembled for tender life, slept little and made sure that our puppies had the best possible start to a great and healthy dog’s life. The mother of your dog is our beloved family member, sometimes also the father and we had a plan making these to the parents.

Again, because we love our dogs.

We don’t say much when you tell us that your dog suddenly doesn’t like his food anymore and we put up with every change of food without grumbling. We don’t complain when you don’t follow our advice to visit a dog school or trainer, but we also try to hold back when the dog starts to terrorize you.

Because we still love them.

But we are very happy about every photo, every message and every call, even after years.

Because we still love our dogs.

We didn’t become breeders because we were bored, we take all this on ourselves because we love this breed and because we want to fulfill your dream, the dream of a dog. So please don’t think that you can buy this love for our puppies from us with a few banknotes.

Beautiful friendships are formed along the way, and we would never want to miss that. Many puppy buyers still tell us after many years, how great is just this one dog, which they bought at that time with us. Then our hearts go out to them.

Unfortunately, there are also the others who just disappear from our lives, as if they had forgotten that it was us breeders who once laid their hearts in their arms! Friendships are formed along the way, we would never want to miss that. Many puppy buyers still tell us after many years, how great this one dog is, which back then they bought from us. Then our hearts go out to them.

Inspired by a breeder homepage, I wrote these lines and put them here for you to read